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The Cherokee Recreation District was looking forward to hosting an opening trail day toward the end of May 2019 for their Ford Complex Walking Trail located on Wolf Den Lane; however, due to extensive damages created by off-road motorists, construction on the trail has been prolonged to make repairs. 
Like many other forest trails, the Ford Complex Walking Trail, is just that, a “walking” trail. As such, the designed and constructed trail is unable to support off-road vehicle use. Off-roading on a trail not designed for such activity, destroys the path, damages drainage systems, and degrades corridor vegetation – all permanent scars for the trail.


Due to repeated off-roading offenses by dirt bikes and four-wheelers, the Recreation has been forced to close access to the entire property until all trail construction is complete. Though the area is a wonderful spot to have outdoor fun, no off-road vehicles or off-roading of any kind is allowed on the property, especially the trail. Going forward, any trespassers of such nature will be prosecuted and fined accordingly.


Due to the current needed repairs, The Cherokee Recreation District’s Trail Opening day will be post-poned to late July 2019.